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Kariye Church Ceiling
Turkey is a crucial corner of the stage on which the history of Western Civilization has been played. The peoples who have lived here and those who have passed across Turkey have been part of the social matrix of which first Judaism and then Christianity developed. The people in the Bible who left their records of their activities in Turkey span the ages form Noah to Paul. In Turkey early Christianity took shape and spread so that it had become the state religion of the Roman Empire by the end of fourth century.

A biblical tour through Turkey is both a physical and a spiritual search for the genesis of the early Christian communities. Travelers can gain understanding of Christian history and theology and personal inspiration in the quest by visiting the ancient Christian sites and observing the customs that are reminiscent of biblical references. A journey through one’s own faith seeking understanding will enrich travelers forever.

Eon Tours is dedicated to providing quality biblical tours and hiring biblically oriented guides. We organize tours to the biblical sites using several standard itineraries. However, we also organize “custom made” tour itineraries to suit the desires of our guests such as congregations as well as travel agencies and individuals. Eon Tours is flexible in arranging any special programs that churches or individuals would like.

Eon Tours operates combination tours in Greece and arranges combination tours to one or more countries in conjunction with a tour to Turkey.

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