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Why EON Tours?

EON Tours: Journey Through The Ages
The passion to explore and move beyond the familiar and daily is as old as human history. It is what urged St. Augustine of Hippo to write, “The wor...

Why Turkey?

A Country for All Tastes
Turkey has so much to offer her visitors; breathtaking natural beauties, unique historical and archaeological sites, steadily improving hotel and tour...
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Aydin Aygun

Aydin Aygun was born and raised by the River Euphrates in Eastern Turkey.  A graduate of the Turkish Military Academy (the Turkish “West Point”), he earned a bachelor’s degree in B... READ MORE »

Yaşar Demiröz

Born in southeastern of Turkey, Batman, Yaşar moved from Batman to Smyrna in 1997. He left the army after 7 years of education at Land Forces Academy. He studied Civil Engineering a... READ MORE »

Osman Aygün


Mert Günal

After graduating from Gazi University Department of Finance, he worked as an officer at Turkish Armed Forces Winter Sports Education Center. In 2007 after completing his mil... READ MORE »

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We are a member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies as EPOCH Travel Agency / ID 6335

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