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Unveil the cultural, historical, archeological, and social layers of this amazing country and people. Discover some of the Ancient Wonders of the World from Catalhoyuk- the first urban center of the world, Hattusa- the capital city of Hittites, Troy-the legendary city of Iliad, Ephesus-the jewel city of Aegean, Ani-the proud city of Armenians, and Constantinople-the imperial city along the Bosporus.
Pomegranade Turkey

Being a natural geographic bridge between Asia and Europe, and a cultural bridge between the Eastern and the Western Worlds, Turkey has a culture which is profoundly unique and definitely unknown to any traveler. Standing both east and west, this country houses the magic and mysticism of east and the comfort and dynamism of west. Turkish people are famed for their hospitality for their guests as a gift of this land and their ancestry. You will be welcomed by the warmth and sincerity of these kind people.

This fertile bridge became the haven for many civilizations. It is justly said that Turkey has more and better preserved Hellenistic and Roman sites than Greece and Italy. You will travel through the Crossroads of the Great Civilizations.

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