Mert Günal

After graduating from Gazi University Department of Finance, he worked as an officer at Turkish Armed Forces Winter Sports Education Center. In 2007 after completing his military service, he settled in Antalya and worked as a commercial and agricultural loans banker. During those years he wasn’t far from nature and outdoor sports. He pedaled the mountain bike trails of Antalya, he hit the ancient roads of Lykia Province from east to west and climbed many mountains around the province. He also attended the education courses of Mountaineering Federation of Turkey and Turkish Underwater Sports Federation.

His knowledge and passion for nature as well as his experience as an amateur sportsman has now been merged with the EON Tours family. He is the web designer, travel photographer and musician of the EON Tours. We definitely recommend that you listen to him play the “ney”, a traditional wind instrument often heard in Sufi music.

‘’If you are looking for inspiration, just walk into Nature. She will serve you unconditionally.’’

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