The days you arranged for us in Istanbul in June was beyond our expectations. Hulya Ozbek was not only a charming person but so knowledgeable and accommodating in every way. She was a delight. Her knowledge of historic information of turkey filled in many gaps. From our reading prior to our visit. We thank you so very much for arranging a truly spectacular guide, a great driver and transportation and arranging the details for our 50th anniversary dinner at the park overlooking the Bosporus. Every detail in food and service was perfect. We continue to relive happy memories and historical facts through our 2000 pictures!!!!! Our sincere thanks…

Lin And Mick, Scottsdale Az / USA 2015 

Thank you for all you have done to make this trip to your wonderful country fun, exciting, and smooth. It has been a fantastic trip because of your hard work and that effort on our behalf is very much appreciated.

Marilyn Brusherd / USA 2015 

Thank you so much for such an extraordinary journey… Your superior knowledge, passion, and consideration are rare in many trips. And your sense of humor just gifted ambassador for Turkey, and we will always have a deep appreciation for all that you have shared with us. Hopefully, we will get to come again for more adventures with you. By the way, you were never boring-you may have seen some yawns and dropping eyes, but it was not from lack of interest! Please thank Sophie and Osman for their diligence and hard work. You have lovely family and are blessed in many ways. When you come to San Diego, we hope that you will have time to see us… Our guest room is always available!Warmly,

Kathy and John Mc Kinley / USA 2015 

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us on this trip. I can’t imagine experiencing Turkey with a guide more professional and wonderful as you. You have been so kind and patient with us all. Thank you again for all you have done for us. Sincerely

Jody Bergman / USA 2015 

P.S. And thank you to your lovely wife, Sofie. It was a delight meeting her and your beautiful family as well. There is no way to thank you for what you have given us on this trip. We have learned so much discovered a country full of history, beauty and soul. But it is your spirit-your knowledge, warmth, care and humor that weaves the trip into a beautiful cloth that will be with us for a lifetime. Each day has been unforgettable. With love and appreciation,

Emily / USA 2014

THANKS TO YOU-WE HAD THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME! Your great knowledge, positive good energy, and warmth concern for all of us made Turkey a country we will return and adore for years to come -TESEKKUR EDERIM-

RON / USA 2014

Our magical trip to turkey has been fabulous on all counts. What has made it most special has been your ability to share your deep knowledge of history with us. It has been so helpful to our understanding the importance & significance of what we are seeing. We want to thank you & Sophie too for your attention to the details of travel. We have felt so cared for on all counts. We hope to see you when you come to the States. Safe travels home. Fondly,

John & Kathie / USA 2014

This card is too small and words too few to express our appreciation for your gift of Turkish culture & history. While we struggle for the words please accept our fond gratitude.

George & Jane / USA 2014

We CAN NOT THANK YOU enough for providing us with a life changing experience in your lovely country. You went beyond and above our EXPECTATIONS. You put up with issues with a smile and caring passion. We will be forever grateful. We are hopeful to you can find time in your busy schedule to have dinner in our home when you come to Seattle. We offer you a room to stay in when you come. We can have a reunion dinner with several others of the couples from this trip. We know several couples who would like to hear you talk and would love to come to turkey as we did. May God bless you.

Dick & Saunie / USA 2014

How can we even thank you enough! Simply put this was The Most Awesome adventure we have even had seeing so much/Learning so much. We will always treasure our memories and spread the word that Turkey is a “must see “country. We deeply appreciate your expert guiding, patience and attention to detail. You are a true gentleman and scholar, and athlete etc.! It was special to meet Sofie and your lovely daughters! If you do make it to Portland you are always welcome at our place. Best wishes & God Bless! PS: Thanks for getting my jacket too!

Jim & Beth / USA 2013

Thank you again for another memorable trip. Everything has been superb! Once again your attention to detail has made for an eventful, adventurous and still relaxing visit. We appreciate you taking such good care of us, we would not visit Turkey if you were not our guide/ fearless leader. We hope to see you in November when you are in Spokane. Until we meet again, take care dear friend. Our best to Sophie and your beautiful daughters.

Mardi & Mike Currin / USA 2013

I so enjoyed your knowledge of history and your love in your country. Thank you for imparting some of your wisdom on us!

Billie Grande / USA 2013

The journey has been magical, wondrous and so much beauty! I thank you for your hospitality. May peace and love always be with you and wishing you all you desire and more!
Much love,

Robin  / USA 2013

You are truly a wonderful guide. You are also very gifted man plus very passionate about Turkey. I feel very privileged to be on the receiving end. Thanks for your open heart making everyone feel very special. I hope to see you in the future. Thank you for personal help and care.


You answered our questions one by one. The weather was perfect with plenty of sun. Your smile and greetings were always there. This trip was so great from beginning to end. It’s nice to now count you as our new friend.

Janette Smith

This has been the most spectacular trip! You made us feel so at home in your beautiful country. And your knowledge is a constant source of amazement. I only wish we could remember a tenth of the information. Thank you for making everything so wonderful.
Love to you,

Harley and Sheila

You have made this trip enjoyable and inspirational. I hope to travel with you again to Troy! Many thanks!

Phil Lamoine

Thank you for the wonderful trip. It was the perfect mix of all. We loved the boat trip! And Jan’s favorite was to hold Aksel and meet your family. For us to have all that time together was a great gift. Thank you for your free spirit, sharing your knowledge in a delightful way and being a number 1 guide.

Jan and Jim

Thank you so much for guiding us around your beautiful country. We enjoyed seeing firsthand the many historic treasures of Turkey. You bring on enthusiasm and excitement to all your lectures. You have an admirable depth of knowledge of your subject. We also appreciate your understanding of our scriptures and your respect for our beliefs. And the wonderful way you explained your faith to us helped to form a lasting bridge between us. Thank you for patiently caring for us, for giving us time to catch up, to rest, to absorb what you taught us. We especially loved meeting your beautiful family! They are very loving and open people. Ultimately your sterling character shines through in all you do and say. Thanks for you, !We will meet again, insallah.

Peggy and Kathie

Thanks for a wonderful journey and adventures through your country and its history.


It has been a great pleasure to get to know you and your family. You have created a fabulous experience for us as our guide and as a very special person.
You have represented your country and your belief in a very admirable way while always showing respect for our country and beliefs. The world really needs this kind of personal exchange. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge which you have tried to share with us. It has been a great, fun trip and we hope we will see you again in the future.
With love and best wishes always,

Marilyn Fowler

Thank you so much for your information about Turkey as we saw the different sites and ruins. Your cheerful nature and helpfulness will be remembered. How very special it was to meet your family and hear about them. This was truly a trip of a lifetime.
Many blessings,

Sharon Andrews

Gary and I have enjoyed your wonderful tour of Turkey. We thank you for your patience, sense of humor, kindness, and friendliness. But we appreciate your knowledge of ancient history, Turkish history, Christianity and Islam. You are a wonderful tour guide. Thank you!

Sharon and Gary

What a gift you have to do your job and be a friend as well. Thanks for letting me weave my lifestyle into the trip in a way that was very comforting and enjoyable.
May your family continue to be blessed! We praise God for the health and strength for this beautiful chapter of life we were able to experience.


Our trip through Turkey was incredible. Both Deborah and I have many memories that will remain for the rest of our lives. We would like to thank you for all of your knowledge, insight and help. You made this a trip of a lifetime for us. Thanks for all your kindness.

Patricia and Deborah

This has been a fantastic experience due to your care. Thanks so much for all you did for us! I hope to be on a Turkey trip with you again. You are awesome!


Thank you so very much for such a wonderful experience, it will be such a great memory to carry with us and to share with all our other friends. We will forever see that winning smile, your great sense of humor and great laugh. Your story telling almost brings you to the time it happens. Thank you again so much for sharing so much of yourself with everyone. We feel we have met such a wonderful person. You bring a whole new meaning of friend.

Ruth and Deb

You must already know what a wonderful guide and human being you are. For us, you have gone beyond wonderful. One of the qualities you have is the pride in your beautiful country and your willingness to share it. You are way beyond most of us in intelligence, yet you make us all feel comfortable asking stupid questions, or questions about which you already answered. We loved our days with you and appreciate your willingness to be without your family for a few extra days. 
Your dear friends,

Anne and Jim Kepner

Thank you for sharing your great knowledge and love of history and Turkey with us. I saw several familiar sites in a new way through your eyes. I will begin work on a return trip to Turkey with the museum family.
See you soon,


You have been a wonderful guide. You have made this trip a great experience for me. I am grateful for your promotion at Pierce College. You are a great ambassador for us. I have enjoyed your humor and caring way with everyone. Thank you for the fantastic experience.


Thank you so much very much for the excellent tour of Turkey and continuing through Rhodes. Your expertise, knowledge, ability to make the history interesting and your charming personality is outstanding. Truly deserving the hero medal! 
Best wishes,

Norma Green

This has been a truly remarkable week. Thank you for such a wonderful tour and showing us just how spectacular Turkey is. I appreciate the care you showed me throughout my passport ordeal. I will never forget the marvelous time that I have had on this trip. I hope to visit Turkey and see you again someday.
Take care and God Bless,


Thank you for making Turkey a most memorable experience. I may not remember all that you have shared, but I will treasure the warm experience. Your country is rich in history and will continue to influence our world.
My best wishes to you and your future. Your life is about to change and offer your new challenges.
God bless,


Thanks for a wonderful trip exceeded our expectation! I appreciated your sharing so much religious philosophy with us and placing it so well in the ancient world. I feel it has given me a greater appreciation not only of Turkey but also of Christianity. Besides being a terrify guide, you are an outstanding person. Your sensitivity to our individual needs (and group needs) was appreciated. It was just a delight to share our ‘Turkey time’ with you


How to thank you for your immeasurable contribution to our trip? Your incredible knowledge was like a course in history, culture, religion and enriched our understanding of Turkey for more than we had imagined. Your choice of wonderful restaurants was much appreciated as we always enjoy trying the foods to different countries and religions. You were so patient with all our questions en requests, and your humor and enthusiasm were delightful. Due short, you were the perfect guide!
Peace be with you,

Karen and John

We thank you for an absolutely amazing trip. We loved seeing your country up close and personal with visits to various villages and your wonderful family a highlight. The spectacular ancient sites, the fantastic food and your thoroughly entertaining and knowledgeable commentary made it a memorable trip. I thanks again for a wonderful tour of your beautiful country.

Cheryl and Dave

Very big thanks for your superb role as manager, guide and advisor. You are number 1. We have had a wonderful and memorable visit to Turkey and you ensured that it was a happy one with many phases of Turkish life and history. Again, Aydin many thanks!
Warmest wishes,


Thank you for creating a wonderful memory of Turkey. You are an exceptional guide and we appreciate your hard work, organization, endless patience, sense of humor and wealth of knowledge. 
Our best to you,


We have so appreciated your knowledge and love of your country. Turkey has come alive for us in ways we wouldn’t have imagined. It’s very understandable that people return many times.

Karen and Rick

It’s difficult to know where to begin. In just 2 weeks we have had many meaningful experiences in your wonderful country. We have seen historic sites with your thoughtful descriptions about what once was. We have eaten delightful food at every meal. We have viewed a bit of home life, village life, and big city life in Turkey. And we have learned about some of the customs, the geography and hopes for the future. Surely, the memories will stay with us, but more important, we leave with a new sense that we are closer to you and your countrymen in your home at the crossroads. Thank you so much for your patient efforts.

Jerry and Linda

Thank you for the most wonderful trip. You are so organized that everything went along smoothly and efficiently. I lost track of the days and never worried about anything. The whole trip was completely relaxing. I love to learn about new things and you are exceptional in your knowledge. Being with you was like taking a college course. Without you I would have seen sights but not understand all the history and culture. The trip that you put together was also a good mix. Both land and sea parts were interesting and there was a good variety of hiking and sightseeing. Before the trip I had very little knowledge of Turkey. I am so impressed! You have a very beautiful country. The people, the food, the culture and de sights are exceptional. I will always treasure the memory of this trip. Thank you for making it very special and I would love to come back again.


This is a difficult note to write. All the usual ways of saying thank you seem insufficient. But, you know as well as I do, how dear you and your family are to me. We will meet again and until then I will carry you in my heart.


You created for us a perfect vacation. We thoroughly enjoyed all the places we visited. The food that we ate was incredible and the talks that you gave were fantastic.
Thank you so much. We love you.

Andy and Susan

We would like to thank you for ‘’guiding’’ us through Turkey during the past 18 days. You have an incredible knowledge and feel for the history and culture of your beautiful country and its people. We have learned from you, and will continue to learn about Turkey now that we have experienced this trip. We hope our paths cross again someday, and until them,
Allaha ismarladik, Nancy and Daniel
We cannot imagine a better guide than you. You passed all of the essential attributes in full measure. First, your knowledge of and enthusiasm for the long history of Turkey is exceptional. Then there is your easy management of the mechanics of transporting a group such as ours. 
With warm regards,

Ann Louise

Not an opportunity goes by when someone asks me about my vacation, that I am not extolling upon my visit to Turkey. And, (without your getting your head any bigger than it is) I thank you very much for making it such a fabulous experience. One of my friends even commented that it was perhaps one of the best trips I had given my raves on it. I did a bit of reading on the history of your country before I left, but what I learned from you and the Turkish people I met was far more than any book could encompass, and again I thank you. It was a vigorous trip and I loved it for that. We will see each other in Turkey again. And remember, enthusiasm is on of the most powerful engines of success.


Amazing guide 
You made the trip such a success for all of us.
Daggling personality, inspiring level of knowledge and real love of your country.
 Never impatient with your Australian guests
. This has been the best guided tour we have ever been on! 
You truly have a gift, thank you for sharing it with us.

Royce and Courtney

What a wonderful trip! As always, I am amazed at your warmth and ability to connect people. I know everyone feels like they were ‘special’. I don’t know how you keep cool, even when we are pulling you in 14 different directions. 3 the time I watch you work, I learn something about myself and working with people. You are 100% customer service oriented and it will always serve you well in this business. I enjoyed getting to know you better, meeting your family and friends and will of course, miss you a lot. I am sad to leave you behind and all of what I learned about your beautiful homeland. You will always have a place in my heart and in my home. Your friendship has changed my life forever.


It is I who must thank you for sending you to us. Your knowledge and joy in your subject and in life, your attention and caring for your country and for us and perhaps most especially, you yourself as a very special person has made this whole trip the most extraordinary experience. Your country, its history and its people are indeed wonderful!! Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you sharing yourself and your country with us in the manner that you have. I truly hope that you will be able to visit us in Seattle and that I shall have an opportunity to return your hospitality. Our country is very new but wonderful in its own way. I feel honored to be one of your ‘’Seattle mom’’.
May the road rise up to meet you,
The wind be always at your back,
The sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall gently on your fields,
And, until we meet again
. May God hold you in the palm of His hand! 


International Travel News Magazine, 1997
My wife and I took a trip to Turkey, Oct. 13-29, 1996. The guide was perfect, his name was AYDIN AYGUN. He showed us Turkey in the most beautiful way by taking side roads, going into numerous local markets, going into fields and picking onions and potatoes, or hitting olive trees to shake loose the olives. Aydin always managed to show us every highlight of Turkey without our being in the midst of hordes of other tourists. He also always managed to keep us walking downhill while other tourists were panting, walking uphill. His complete knowledge of the English language made the numerous in-depth discussions of history, religion, customs and rituals take on another dimension. How we would have loved to bring him back to the US to be as gracious to him as he was to us.
If anyone plans to visit Turkey, make sure you get in touch with Aydin Aydin. We have traveled extensively for the past 30 years and have never met a guide with his quality, knowledge and honesty.

Bruce Morrell

I’ve just returned from a trip to Turkey feeling rested, restored and transformed. The key ingredient in my trip was my guide, Aydin Aygun. He knows the archeology of Turkey so well that I came away with a deep understanding of those old cultures, as if I had walked those ancient streets myself.
He also knows modern Turkey and is well connected so that trip fit my personal needs and interest. I felt totally taken care of. He seemed to know what I needed before I did so that the trip was smooth and effortless for me. His English is excellent. His manner is courteous and friendly. 

Ruth H Maxwell, Ph.D.

My family engaged Aydin Aygun as a private guide during a trip to Turkey in April 1998. There were five of us ranging in age from 14 to 55. Aydin Aygun made the trip interesting, educational and fun for all. Aydin is well educated, well-spoken individual. He had a sunny personality and is very charming. He was attentive to our interests and tailored each day accordingly. He enabled us to experience Turkey in a manner most tourists never encounter. We were able to meet local people, enjoy a bit of village life, and make spontaneous side trips. We learned a lot of history, but also had several in-depth conversations regarding social services, educations, courting customs, and politics in modern Turkey. Equally important, we had several good laughs each day!
Aydin stated that his job was to make us love his country and he succeeded admirably. I would recommend his services without hesitation. With Aydin as your guide, you will experience the best of Turkey and come to love the land and its people.

Susan Starrfield

I have been fortunate to travel in Turkey on three different occasions and for each trip Aydin Aygun as my guide. I have seen him work with groups, individuals, and once we traveled with members of his family. He was wonderful. He is the kind of person who keeps his word and is dedicated to his work. His compassion and openness with people allowed everyone to have the best experience possible. I saw the tourist sights, but Aydin always went out of his way to give us experiences that the average tourist would not have. He thoroughly understands his count, the politics as well as the arts and antiquities. I grew up in a Christian home and was amazed at Aydin’s knowledge of the ancient ruins and of the early Christian church. On my last trip we visited the early American churches (8th and 9the Century) in Eastern Turkey. I was amazed at the knowledge and understanding Aydin displayed. 
As to this character, Aydin is honest, hardworking, and intelligent. He works effectively with others, is respectful and caring. His communication skills are excellent, and his many years of working with people have left him wise beyond his years. He was a good leader and when necessary could take a back seat and could be a team player. I have no reservations about recommending Aydin Aygun to you.

Ruth Maxwell.

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