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Traveling by Land and Sea: A sailing odyssey unveils the glories of Turkey’s ancient cultures and unspoiled natural beauty along the Turkish Riviera where the Aegean and the Mediterranean confluence. A fully crewed wooden gulet, the boat of traditional design, is the perfect way to explore the 400 mile winding Carian and Lycian coast, the most beautiful and clearest waters of the world because much of it is inaccessible by car. Here the waters take on a luminous blue (hence named as Turquoise Coast) that can be found nowhere else in Europe as the rugged mountains with pine trees rise over the water to complete this serenity. This beauty provides the perfect backdrop to ancient ruins, picturesque coves, sun-drenched beaches, uninhabited islands, and unspoiled villages with their unrivaled hospitality.

Eon tours represents over fifty hand-picked Turkish gulets in Turkey ranging from 50 feet to over 110 feet and from three to ten cabins. We personally inspect these yachts to ensure our guests the best cruise and sail journey ever.

We offer yacht vacations to families, small parties as an excellent choice for a truly customized and private travel alternative. The cost of a yacht varies by quality, seasonally and according to the itinerary selected. Please contact us for a customized quotation.

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