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Bike from Aegean to Mediterranean

This unique bike tour along the Aegean coastline delves into the rich history of the Carian Civilization, homeland of Herodotus. It discovers the ancient cities of Halicarnassus and Kaunos, the Medieval Bodrum Castle, and Hellenistic rock-cut tombs. Our experience starts from Bodrum, a popular holiday destination for the rich and famous with a stunning blue coastline, high-end hotels, lively night-life, and a wealth of luxurious yachts. Our bike routes leave this hot spot behind and discover the hidden gems of the small towns and villages. The quiet rides follow the water’s edge, weaving in and out of small coves along the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea. We journey through the rural areas in the highlands offering perfect vista points overlooking deep canyons and the Gulf of Gokova. The last routes are around the unspoiled beauty of the river delta in Dalyan and Lake Koycegiz. The rides through the citrus and pomegranate orchards take us to the lovely setting of the ancient theater in Kaunos overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. En-route we use the best boutique hotels. Lunches and dinners are served mostly in local restaurants.  This incredibly rich program combines the ancient Carian history with natural beauty of the Aegean coastline, the legendary Turkish hospitality with the charming boutique hotels on the beach, and the authentic Mediterranean cuisine with farmer markets.

(Any date chosen by the group from March 01 to June 15 and from September 10 to November 30)

Group Size (Maximum 14 Guests) 2-3 4-5 6-7 8-9 10+
Price (PP in Dbl Room) €2495 €2250 €2050 €1920 €1795
In June and September +€145 +€145 +€145 +€145 +€145
Single Supp. (Limited Availabity) +€250 +€250 +€250 +€250 +€250

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