David & Shauna - Guest -

Thank you for your hospitality, your friendship, and for sharing your knowledge and insights into the world of Early Christianity. We are blessed to have you travel with us on our journey of faith. May God bless you always! Thank you for sharing your HEART with us!

Stacey & Anne C. - Guest -

Thank you for making our trip unforgettable! We so appreciate your willingness to connect with us so many levels. Thank you for sharing your humor, your music, your knowledge of all things about Turkey your life story and your hospitality. We felt right at home from the beginning we felt well cared for until the end. 

Jean N. - Guest -

Thank you so much for "a trip of a lifetime! " That is what Father Mike called this trip and he was not wrong. I enjoyed every minute of these last two weeks. Fr Mike talked about kindness and generosity in many of his talks at mass and you two were perfect examples of this. Thank you again. I look forward to a future trip.

Kate G. - Guest -

All I can say is I hope our paths cross again and again. It was a fabulous time. Your spirit of service is so appreciated. I always feel safe and well cared for. Bless you.

Dick & Saunie - Guest -

We can not thank you enough for providing us with a life changing experience in your lovely country. You went beyond and above our expectations. You put up with issues with a smile and caring passion.

Ron - Guest -

Thanks to you-WE HAD THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME! Your great knowledge, positive good energy, and warmth concern for all of us made Turkey a country we will return and adore for years to come.

Kathleen - Guest -

What a wonderful trip! As always, I am amazed at your warmth and ability to connect people. You are 100% customer service oriented and it will always serve you well in this business. You will always have a place in my heart and in my home. Your friendship has changed my life forever.